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Safeguarding the welfare of children Free Essays

Parents with less money may also find it hard to afford the right food or not a lot of food which some children end up going to school with no breakfast this may lead to poor diet and health. B. Educated parents. We will write a custom essay sample on Safeguarding the welfare of children or any similar topic only for you Order Now If a child is brought up with well-educated parents this can take over a child’s life this can have a big impact on their social life as the parents may have the child taking a lot of extra lessons for example piano lessons or dance lessons pushing them to be the best they may not realize that the child is emotionally and physically drained but not wanting to disappoint the child carries on. The child may feel left out in the fact that their friends are out enjoying life and having fun and they are missing out on heir childhood. The child may not be as intelligent as their parents and finding it hard or stressful that they are struggling with work because they don’t want to fail their parents. A child with less educated parents may be struggling with school work or home work as their parents can’t help them with studying they may also not care about the child’s education because they may not have been brought up to care by their parents. C. Lone parent. A single working parent has less time for their child especially if they are siblings it ill be hard for them to give equal time to all children. This may affect the child’s behavior as they may see this as an opportunity to take advantage of the situation they may bunk off school or start hanging around with the wrong crowd or Cumming in late. Emotionally this may leave them feeling left out and doing bad things such as thieving thinking this is the only way they can get your attention. They could start to fall behind at school because their parents aren’t involved enough and not giving them the encouragement they need. The child may have also had to grow up quicker asking their own tea maybe dropping off and picking up siblings why the parent is at work meaning they don’t have a social life because their caring for their brothers or sisters. The positive side to a working parent is that the child’s education may be better like being in a private school, also the child more than likely doesn’t go with out when it comes to new things for example clothes, laptop etc. A single parent on benefits may have all the time in the world for their children, giving the child less opportunity to bunk off school or fall behind with work but the child may be less ordinate when it comes to clothes and gadgets which may lead to the child being bullied and not fitting in socially with their peers this may lead to the child falling behind on work as they can’t concentrate feeling like they don’t want to be in school where these bullies are. B) Health A. Over weight. A child over weight through genetics not self-inflicted may struggle with day to day tasks such as struggling to get there selves dressed or even the simple task of going up and down stairs or doing pee at school. This may affect them emotionally because asks are more difficult to do leaving them to feel self-conscious and upset, this may cause bullying affecting their social life as they may find it hard to go swimming or bike riding leaving them with not many friends. Their behavior may be that they are very quiet and sit away from everyone or they may act out and become the bully so they don’t get picked on. Their parents may be supportive or they could be pushy towards the child to lose weight making the child feel like they have no one to turn to. B. Young career. A child looking after a parent may look strong on the outside but may feel very tired ND fragile on the inside struggling to cope but putting the brave face on as they love their parent and feels this is their duty. Their education may be falling behind as they are missing days off school or struggling to focus maybe falling asleep in class. Emotionally they maybe blank on the outside and not letting anyone in , but inside all they want is a brake to be a child with friends, socially they probably don’t have many friends due to the fact that their missing school and when they are at home they can’t go out because their caring for their parent. They may get bullied because they not play out with the other children and they pick up on the fact that the child is different to them affecting the child’s behavior they may act out in frustration to release stress or Just shut themselves off from others. C. A child with disability. A child with a physical disability such as not being able to move will have all the emotion and intellect on how they feel and think but won’t be able to show them physically. They will more than likely be at a special need school which will have group activities and learning methods tailored to their needs but they can’t do every says task such as getting dressed or feeding themselves. This will be emotionally frustrating for the child knowing what they want to do in their head but can’t act it out physically. Socially they may have special groups they can go to but they won’t be able to go out and do every day things like other children. This may leave them to act out by shouting and showing their angry through facial expressions. A child with a mental disability might not understand how to behave if their withdrawn and don’t communicate with family or friends. Or they act out with anger shouting and being hysterical towards others. Intellectually they may struggle to learn anything as they don’t have the ability or find it hard to remember or focus. They will also more than likely go to a special need school which they will have learning tailored to their needs; they will be able to move around and play but may not understand the concept of games and group activities. Socially they may find it hard to play or communicate with others leaving it hard to have many friends. C) Environment. A. Deprived. A deprived area may have fewer amenities such as Just a corner shop. They may not have anything for children to burn some physical energy off for example a park, library or swimming facilities. This will affect the social behavior in this area such as vandalism, graffiti and theft. In deprived areas you may find that are different ethnic and religious families which may mean feuds or language barriers. Not having a library or other amenities may affect their intellect as they don’t have the tools there to help them learn. B. Peer. As a child straight away you find that they make friends and become a group or gang hose friends can be from school or their estate they live on it can also depend on the ethnic origin or religion. Being with certain friends may lead the child to truant or drink and take drugs or it may come from their parents if they have friends round all the time drinking etc. Depending on your family or friends you may fall behind in work if they aren’t committed to the work or committed to helping you with the study. C. Community. If a community doesn’t have the right amenities for example a corner shop they may struggle to get groceries and bits if they can’t afford to travel far, which may affect heir health or diet. Also if the community don’t have a library with the computers or community centre the community would suffer because they wouldn’t have the help to study and better their selves for a Job not many families have internet so these are a great help also this could affect their behavior and their intellect as they have nowhere to go to study or to take themselves away from gang culture etc. Not having a park or a swimming baths may affect their social behavior as there is nowhere for the children to go to hang out and play. How to cite Safeguarding the welfare of children, Papers

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