Friday, February 28, 2020

Paraphrase, Summary and Quotation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Paraphrase, Summary and Quotation - Essay Example It was defined by African Americans and given the name Lindy, Jitterbug, or swing. Most of World War II soldiers hailed from the city or the big towns in America by that time. Most rural areas did not have good educational systems and so the minimum requirements in educational cut the rural people. During that time, there were little interactions with other tribes, which prevented learning of other languages other than English. Prior knowledge on shooting did not add value to persons who wanted to join the troops. After joining the army, a soldier received a through shave and given uniforms called combats to keep neat like other soldiers. Additionally, new soldiers received a vaccine to protect them form diseases, viruses, and boost their immunity. The reason behind this is that a soldier’s work involved moving across regions with disease causing pathogens. Life of a Soldier in the World War II proved hard. First, the soldier underwent tough training to keep fit called â€Å"fatigues.† Secondly, World War II soldiers received training on different co mmands by harsh superiors who appeared prone to hardship. The passage records the life of an American soldier who qualified to fight in the World War II. He had distinct characteristics from the soldier of the World War I and spoke English. To qualify, one needed high school education, driving licence among other qualifications. Soldiers received special training after the selection process under a harsh commander. To become a soldier in the World War II, a soldier had to pass various requirements. According to Sulzberger, â€Å"When he went off to serve his country, he had had some high school education; he knew how to drive a car, how to swim, how to do the Jitterbug or The Big Apple or the Lindy† (Sulzberger 125). Other qualifications included ability to speak in English and he needed not have

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