Monday, November 18, 2019

Current themes in businesses Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Current themes in businesses - Literature review Example Gender equality is a much talked about fact, but its applicability is less evident and visible in the business world. According to Williams (2013), â€Å"[a]lthough there are more reported gender discrimination statistics related to female employees, men and women can both be victims of gender discrimination.† Summary: This article centers on describing the gender discrimination persisting in the Western business world. As per Vekaik (2005), â€Å"[t]hirty years after Harold Wilson's Labour government put in place the country's first Sex Discrimination Act, Britain's women are still suffering from unequal pay and, increasingly, sexual harassment in the workplace.† The article contemplates that even though the business protocol emphasises that gender neutrality is the ideal concept for an organisation, the business all over suppresses women when it comes to efficiency, promotion and performance recognition. The article reveals that even though the workplace supports a ge nder neutral business environment, there is always an underlying gender discriminative element where masculine characteristics are more prominently reflected. The article points out that the ideological dilemmas existing among people create a tendency for gender discrimination, as it is a provocation to people in building a self-identity of their own. The article mentions that the workplace is an environment which nurtures many types of individuals, and each wants to establish their identity, which evokes gender discrimination. It asserts that mainly the hesitation concerning gender discrimation in workplace is giving an ideal gender-equal status to the Western business organisations. The article also projects two organization, â€Å"Red tech† and â€Å"Blue tech,† where the female staff talk about the gender bias existing in their organisations and their professional experience of discriminated they encountered during their work. The article vividly points out that tw o strategies are needed to evaluate gender discrimination: one is to look into it when gender discrimination occurred in the past and, secondly, individualise one’s own gender discrimination experiences and analyse that particular matter. According to Gluck (2013), â€Å"[v]ictims of gender discrimination lose motivation and morale necessary to perform their jobs effectively.† Critique : The author is extremely knowledgeable, and the journal article is informative and has a descriptive format which can hold people’s attention and interest. The article is professional in many ways, and in the initial stage itself it is reflected, as the article has a well informative title with author’s name and academic identity. The article also mentions the research purpose of the article and the importance of this subject in the current business world. Moreover, the French interpretation of the extract shows the professionalism of author: he is more concerned with spre ading a message to readers who are not well-versed in the English language. The best part of this academic article is that it brings out the truth about the workplace environment with regard to gender discrimination. As per Sharma (2011), â€Å"[g]ender discrimination is deep-rooted so women empowerment through better education, employment opportunities and reservation at various places only, in long term can eliminate this problem†. The article also points out the reason behind gender discrimina

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