Wednesday, November 20, 2019

MGMT345 U4 IP Diversity Training Manual IV Research Paper

MGMT345 U4 IP Diversity Training Manual IV - Research Paper Example Department of Labor, n.d.). The act defines religious beliefs to include both theistic and non-theistic. Title VII requires organisations to accommodate employees whose sincere requirements of his religion conflict with the requirements of the work upon notice of request unless id doing so there will be undue hardship in the workplace. Title VII defines accommodation as an adjustment that will allow the employee to be able to practice his/her religion (U.S. Department of Labor, n.d.). The need for accommodation may stem from the beliefs of a person conflict with a particular task of the position or the application process. Accommodation requests in most cases relate to work time table, attire, or religious expression at work. Hardship is said to have occurred if the accommodation is costly, can compromise safety at work, reduces work efficiency, infringes on other employees’ rights, and requires fellow employees to do more than their fair share of work that is hazardous or burdensome. Hardship maybe apparent if the accommodation is in violation of the conditions of collective bargaining agreement or job rights through a ranking system. The cost hardship to the organisation must be more than a minimum impact on the organisation. The hardship on an organisation cannot be a speculation but must be genuine (U.S . Department of Labour, n.d.). Orthodox Jews also called Frum Jews consider themselves the guardians of the commandments (Orthodox They are divided into Hasidic and Yeshivish Jews. The word Frum stands for observant ( The Hasisdic culture bans people from going to college. Part of Hasidic Jewish culture is remaining segregated which includes being isolated from non Frum Jews. It is part of isolation not to watch tv and in most homes, computers are banned from children. A belief that can be accommodated at work is their dressing which is rather conservative. Another belief that can be accommodated at work is

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